Power Factor


Power factor Improving is very Important factor in Electrical Power system. To see its
Importance, please see this Picture Carefully

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1:-KVA = Apparent Power of System.

2:-KW = Actual Power we used.

3:-KVAR = Power we can sea but cannot use.

By increasing power factor, the value of KVAR will
be reduced and we can use more power from our
system and our losses of power will be reduce.

Power = V (Voltage) x I (Load) x PF (Power Factor) x 1.732
Load = Power / V x PF x 1.732

It’s Importance is proved by following example.

Motor power is 25.00 KW

First, we run this motor at 0.80 PF, then its full load will be
Load = 25 x 1000/415 x 0.80 x 1.732 = 25000/575.02 = 43.47Amps.

Now, we run this Motor at 0.98 PF, then its full load will be,
Load = 25 x 1000 / 415 x 0.98 x 1.732 = 25000/ 704.40 = 35.49Amps.


  1. Load reduced = 43.47 – 35.49 = 7.98Amp. & 18.35 % efficiency increased.
  2. Efficiency of all system (Transformers, Breakers, Motors etc) will be increase.
  3. Due to less in load , Temperature of all system will be reduced, result long life of
    all system (Transformers, Breakers, Motors etc).
  4. Burning ratio of all accessories will become low.
  5. Wapda bill will be reduced and no plenty of low Power Factor.
  6. Wapda recommended and approved system.